Room For Reading

Our school had the wonderful honor of being selected to receive a scholarship fund by the Ben Carson Reading Room Foundation in which we were the first school selected in the whole state of California.  Not only was that an awesome honor in itself but I was selected to be the lead designer for the room (insert crazy happy dance here and a few cartwheels).  Okay, I can’t actually do cartwheels but if I could I would be doing them all the way down the halls of our school!

There weren’t any design guidelines except we had to stay within the budget (which wasn’t really that much) but I actually didn’t even reach the budget (can we get an applause here?) I managed to stretch the budget by making  a lot of the items myself (self pat on the back).  I knew that I wanted a room that would remain timeless, up to date and one that PreK-6th graders would feel calm yet inspired to read in.  I choose green (our school color) and added gray, white and orange.  I turned a built in cabinet into a reading nook, since the budget didn’t allow for a full remodel, I covered all the “fake wood” cabinets with with a modern gray and white contact paper, painted to walls a soothing gray, added some awesome lights (Props to Ikea) and since our theme was “The Key to Your Imagination”, I made a butterfly dandelion, painted keys and placed them on the butterflies.

At the grand opening, I had the distinct honor of meeting, talking to and showing Mrs. Candy Carson the room.  She loved it and said she had not seen any of the Ben Carson Reading Rooms look like this.  (Hoping that was a good thing,  ummmm?).  Actually it was a good thing because she came back the next day with dignitaries from the foundation.  (Insert a twinkle in my eye here)!

I loved doing this project because it combined several of my passions.  Designing, DIYing, teaching, students and reading.  Yep, checked off the bucket list!

Here are a few pictures of the before and after of the room.  Hope you enjoy them.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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