Faux “Bunny-Spring Time” Pallet Art Mantel


Even though we have had a pretty mild winter here in Northern California, I am ALWAYS ready for warmer weather and Spring time.  Spring time means renewal and growth to me.  Being a special education teacher, growth is what I strive for all year long for my students and what better time to reflect in that than Spring Time?

I have been working on my “Spring” mantel for a few weeks now.  My 22 year old son, who is an excellent graphic designer, and his wife made the darling burlap “SPRING” banner for me.  That was my jumping off (inspiration) point for me this year.  Then I scoured Pinterest like a stalker with ADD!  I knew I wanted some type of wood art piece for the mantel.  I came across the one done by Designs Dining Diapers as it had been pinned by many pinterest junkies as myself.  I didn’t want to copy her exactly (Thank you Designs Dining Diapers for your wonderful inspiration) but wanted something very, very similar.  I had pieces of 1 x 1’s in my garage that were screaming at me to use them, so I did.  Take that 1 x 1 for telling me to use you!  Although I do like the rustic decor, mine is more refined with a mix of modern and glamour.  So I made my art piece symmetrical with a touch of glitter.

Below is a “somewhat” tutorial on how I made my Spring Mantel Art.

Supplies Needed:

2 – 1 x 1 x 8 cut into 13 pieces (cut at 15 1/2″)

Chop saw (LOVE my power tools)

Wood glue

Kitchen Aid Mixer (you will see why in a minute)

2 paint colors in your choice (I used gray and white)

Paint brush of your choice

1 sealer with glitter (Optional)

First of all gather your wood pieces and measure out 15 1/2″ marks.  Cut out 13 pieces.  Since I wanted a little rustic feel, I did not sand my wood.  If you want a softer feel, you can sand the edges.  I then lined up 11 of the wood pieces, made sure they were even and straight then glued the remaining 2 vertically on the back of the 11 pieces.  You could nail them but I was impatient and didn’t want to wait all day for Mr. McGyver to come home with the nail gun and compressor!  OKAY, here is where the Kitchen Aid comes in…… you ready?  It was the closes and heaviest item in my line of sight so I used it for weight.  I know, I could use clamps but had NO IDEA where Mr. McGyver has them hidden (nice way of saying, “clean up your s— McGyver”).



While waiting for the glue to dry, I once again headed back to my trusty laptop and searched for a bunny silhouette that pleased my blurry eyes.  Once I found one, I printed it off.  When the glue dried completely, I turned the “pallet” over and dry brushed 1, very light gray color coat of paint on it.  I like to use the dry brush method as the paint seems to dry faster.  *Sorry, no picture of this step!  Why?  Because I am impatient and just went to the next step.  I know people, I need to be more patient.. but I truly believe I save ALL my patient for my students 5 days a week!  After the paint dried, I took the printed bunny silhouette, turned it over and with a piece of white chalk, I traced (rubbed) the chalk over the outline of the silhouette.  Then I turned it back over and placed it on the painted wood pieces.  I took a pen to trace the front side of the bunny which transferred the outline of the bunny onto my gray painted wood pieces.  I know, GENIUS!!  LOL….  I then painted the bunny white, dried, then painted it with a sealer that has glitter in it.  YEP, insert happy dance here!  Gotta have a little bit of glam peeps!!

I LOVE how it turned out.  So HAPPY SPRING and I hope I inspired you to do a little spring crafting today!