Hello! Well I finally did it.

Hello!  Well I finally did it.  I set up a “real” blog where I can show, share and talk about my projects, WISH LISTS, designs and inspirations.  It really is a way for me to journal my words on subjects I find interesting and feel the need to “talk” about.  I have never had a problem with talking, in fact, on all my report cards as a child the teacher would always write, “Jeannie is a delight to have in class but we need to curb her need to talk”.  Yep, that’s the truth!  Funny thing is, I am NOW a teacher of special education that specializes in speech therapy!  Yep, I have students in my class that are speech delayed and I have the task of getting them to talk. Guess I found my calling!  

I’m excited to start posting pictures, ideas, DIY’s, and current and future projects!

Stayed tuned….. Continue reading